Shraddha Ahire

Dr. Shraddha Ahire, has done B.D.S. from Bharati Vidyapeeth University, Pune, India, and Masters of Research in Oral Cancer from the University of Dundee, UK. During MRes I have worked on the project – “EGF Motogenic Activities are regulated by EGF Receptor: Identification of Signaling Pathways in Oral Cancer”.

Sriya Akula

Sriya Akula is working as a summer intern at OHSL. She is a rising senior at Northwest High school (NWHS) in Germantown, MD . She is currently enrolled in the Signature Ulysses program, which has a research oriented curriculum designed to let students pursue topics they are passionate about, and delves into the specifics of different types of research . She is adept in Python and Java programming. Sriya's keen interest is  to learn more about how technology aligns itself with medical research. Sriya is currently a NWHS Ambassador responsible for representing the school in outside events.

Pulkit Datt

Pulkit Datt is working as a research associate with OHSL. He is leading the team for proposal development and submission. He was involved in several projects, during his internships at Defence Institute of Physiology and Allied Sciences (DIPAS), Delhi, India. Where, he studied the effects of environmental factors such as oxygen levels, sleep deprivation etc. on an organism as a whole. Such experiences exposed him to develop a scientific aptitude, and research gradually became his burning desire.

Andrew Deutsch

He has been a writer for most of his professional career. The majority of his experience has been writing for feature films. That includes proposals, project overviews, budgets, treatments, and screenplays. He has written about, and in the process researched and interviewed subjects for such diverse topics as political campaigns in Brazil, Navy pilots in WWII, nuclear waste storage, Lakota Sioux Indian myths, gorillas in Rwanda, space shuttle development, and the eclipse that helped prove Einstein’s Relativity Theory.

Sachin Dev

Sachin Dev received his Medical Physics degree from Panjab University, Chandigarh. He was a resident Medical Physicist at Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research, Chandigarh in 2017. He joined Open Health Systems Laboratory, USA in 2018 from Maharishi Markandeshwar (Deemed to be University), Haryana, India where he was a clinical Medical Physicists.  At OHSL, he is responsible for scientifically coordinating and initiating projects in Radiation Oncology area.

Pulkit Gautam

Pulkit Gautam is currently working with OHSL on proposal development. She is a final year student at Punjab University, Chandigarh currently pursuing bachelors in biotechnology.

She has previously interned as a content writer with Quizzy which is a content service platform for academic writing. She has also been a delegate in the crisis committee at international model united nations 8.0.

Rishika Jadhav

Rishika Jadhav is a high school senior from Gaithersburg, Maryland. She joined the OHSL team as a research associate in July 2020. Her academic interest primarily lies in the biological sciences, but she hopes to explore new fields of science to pursue in the future. As a student, Rishika is involved in high school level a cappella and participates in social justice and community service initiatives. She is passionate about Indian classical dance, singing, creating new relationships and experiences, and playing with her dog.

Ishita Jain

Ishita Jain is working with OHSL on proposal development. Currently, she is pursuing B.Tech+ M.Tech in Biotechnology at Apeejay Stya University, Haryana, India. She has co-authored a paper titled “The Pivotal Role of Senescence in Cell Death and Aging. Where Do We Stand?” Current Molecular Biology Reports, Springer Nature, which gave her first-hand experience in scientific writing. She is adept in Python and Machine Learning. She is also pursuing B.A (H) in psychology.

Sonam Khan

Sonam Khan is working with proposal preparation and management team of OHSL.    She has completed her masters in Biotechnology and worked on Mitochondrial DNA based identification of Labeo species during her internship from Wildlife Institute of India. Where, she studied that mitochondrial DNA can be useful for genetic identification and taxonomy which is further helpful for species conservation and management plans. Her work exposed her to learn skills.
Team member of proposal preparation and management in OHSL. 

Denise Leonard

Denise has three decades of experience in international finance and project finance, and has spent most of the last decade advising governments globally on the structuring and international competitive tender of large Public-Private Partnership projects relating to infrastructure and social services.

Forum Patel

Forum Patel is a 3rd year student at NMIMS University, Mumbai, pursuing a dual degree - MBA and B.Tech in Information Technology. She has previously worked with Citta - a social venture that focuses on combating student suicide and increasing accessibility to therapy for Indian students. Being the Head of Design, she was responsible for the branding and communications of the venture. She took part in Google Ads Online Marketing Challenge ’20 and achieved Top Marketer status.

BR Patil

During the last 50 years of research, training and consulting experience at progressively higher levels in leading national and international organizations he carried out 125 research, 85 consulting and 70 training assignments mainly in the areas of health, population and nutrition, information, education and communication, development of children, youth and women, income, employment and resource generation, self-reliance, governance and management, wrote 6 books, 200 reports,300 papers, 40 book reviews and 12 bibliographies on critical aspects of social

Shivangi Rawat

She has completed her Masters in Biotechnology. During research internship at Regional Centre for Biotechnology, Faridabad, India she was involved in projects such as Understanding feeding behaviour of Alzheimer's fly(Drosophila melanogaster), identification of novel drugs to improve their health span and on the taste circuits of the fruit flies. She  also has done short-term training at Defence Institute of Physiology and Allied Sciences, DRDO, Delhi and learnt various Molecular Biology techniques.

Ayan Ray

Ayan Ray is a Digital Evangelist at OHSL. He has worked with his digital team to build up OHSL's digital presence through this knowledge sharing portal, visual brand identity & external communications. He is a final year student at NMIMS University, Mumbai, pursuing a dual degree- MBA with a major in Marketing and B.Tech in Information Technology. He is extremely passionate about design and technology and social entrepreneurship. Recently he achieved the Google Ads Top Marketer status in an online marketing challenge, where we worked with ACFE Group based in South Africa and Zimbabwe.

Koninika Ray

Did her Masters in Biotechnology and Ph.D. in the field of Virology and Immunology at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi. As Link Person in the Indo-UK Higher Education Link Programme between the Paterson Institute of Cancer Research, Manchester, UK and the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi, she worked on antibody engineering and Phage Display Technology during 1995 to 2000.

Anisha Sankar

Anisha Sankar is a high school senior living in the United States. Last April, she joined the OHSL as a research associate and has been focusing her projects  on spreading awareness and finding treatment for neurological conditions. She aspires to study computational neuroscience in college, earn an MD-PhD, and become a pediatric neurologist.

Her current project is to write a literature review on Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS) and coordinate a research consortium with the top POTS researchers in the field to discuss plans for future research

Shefalee Satpathy

Shefalee Satpathy is a 3rd-year student at NMIMS University, Mumbai, and currently pursuing a dual degree - MBA and B.Tech in Electronics and Telecommunication. She is a keen believer in constant learning and process development. 
She has previously interned with ESTPL, Odisha wherein her role was of a content writer and technical-research associate, she was solely responsible for the content curation and the designing of the network solution for the Odisha State New Secretariat building. 

Pushkar Sawant

I am a Research Associate [Cognitive Science] with the OHSL. I am a theoretical, old-school AI researcher belonging to the 'Strong AI'-camp. My specific areas are Commonsense Knowledge & Commonsense Reasoning, Semantics, Cognitive Computing and Affective Computing. I have pursued my AI on my own, fortunately with the help, and guidance of some of the leading minds in the field, in the world. I was indeed fortunate to have been mentored and helped by the late Prof. Marvin Minsky (of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology) - the father of Artificial Intelligence, for long.

Pawan Sharma

Pawan Sharma earned his Ph.D. (Parasite Immunology) from CDRI, Lucknow in 1980, and was a Staff Scientist at CDRI till July 1986. He was a PDF at the Research Institute Scripps Clinic, & Visiting Scientist at the Agouron Institute, both in La Jolla, CA, USA. He served at ICGEB, New Delhi as Sr. Res. Scientist & Principal Investigator, from Feb 1989 to Aug 2011. His area of research was Medical Microbiology (TB & Malaria), Molecular Immunology & Cell Biology.

Kopal Sharma

Kopal Sharma is a pre-final year student at NMIMS University, Mumbai and currently pursuing B.Tech in Data Science. She has previously interned with Sapio Analytics, making solutions for government and government institutions in India. She researched on the Psychological Impact of COVID-19 and lockdown on India and co-authored a white paper on it. Her research was highlighted in The Daily Guradian, April Edition. Further she also has experience in developing a Sentiment Analysis (NLP) Model for Telangana State, India in the same project.

Paymanshu Sharma

Paymanshu Sharma is a pre-final year student at NMIMS University, Mumbai. He is currently pursuing a B.Tech Degree in Data Science. Recently, he was interning at Sapio Analytics as a Data Analytics Intern with a range of responsibilities varying from Front-end development
of their COVID DSS Dashboard system, to creating visualizations for analysis which was further used to aid Governmental institutions across India in policy and decision making matters.

Aajinkya Singh

Aajinkya Singh is a 3rd year student at NMIMS University, Mumbai and currently pursuing B.Tech Integrated in Computer Engineering. He is the current WebOp for OHSL, overlooking multiple sites and their development for OHSL. In addition to this, he is currently the Tech Lead at NOW Mozilla Club, A Mozilla Campus Club at MPSTME, Mumbai. Moreover, he is also the current Senior Executive (Tech Core) of MUNSOC, NMIMS MPSTME. 

Anil Srivastava

Anil Srivastava as head of Open Health Systems Laboratory (OHSL) located on the JHU Montgomery County Campus as US National Cancer Institute (NCI) in Rockville, MD, leads the ICKA: International Cancer Knowledge Alliance and ICTBioMed: International Consortium for Technology in Biomedicine beside serving as Special Volunteer, Radiation Research Program (RRP) and Member, Quantitive Imaging Network (QIN) International Liaison Committee at NCI.