Oral Cancer Global Network



To develop a clinical trial for the Oral Cancer Global Network (OCGN) focusing on early diagnosis of potentially malignant /high risk oral mucosal lesions (WHO definition: SIN III) and malignant lesions, including:

  • the establishment of the research team;
  • the development of tools for data management and oversight of the research; the development of a trial design and other essential elements of the study, such as the protocol, recruitment strategies, and procedure manuals; and to collect feasibility data.
OCGN Partners

Planning and Delivery

NIH Grant Applications:

  • NIDCR Clinical Trial or Biomarker Clinical Evaluation Study Planning Grant (R34)
  • Clinical Trial Implementation Cooperative Agreement (U01)

Prospective Outcomes:

  • Collective capacity built by consolidation of local resources
  • Increased scientific knowledge and capacity in Individual institutions in four continents
  • Low-cost instrument testing for early detection and prevention
  • Comparable international data across urban and rural boundaries for research
  • Model for skills transfer: looking at the various aspects of how to most effectively transfer the skill-sets along and efficient technical transferability to health care workers.
  • Development of international collaborative model for early detection and prevention testing for other oral cancers.