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World Cancer Day 2022: Close the Care Gap

6 mins
World Cancer Day and its theme ‘Close the care gap’ are especially meaningful to me for many reasons this year. I have the extraordinary privilege of directing the Center for Global Health (CGH) at the United States National Cancer Institute (NCI), which is responsible for coordinating global engagement on behalf of the largest funder of cancer research in the world. World Cancer Day also neatly coincides with my anniversary date of joining the NCI (now 2 years ago!). World Cancer Day allows me to appreciate the opportunity to work at the NCI under an administration that seeks to ‘end cancer as we know it’ and that understands the importance of United States' global health leadership.

Striking a Nerve: Artificial Intelligence for Image Processing on CANDLE

Surgeries that involve the shoulder and arm, require anesthesia of the brachial plexus, a cluster of nerves in the shoulder which mandates analyzing an oft-blurry ultrasound image to locate the inferior trunk. I’ve looked at a way to automate that process using machine learning by considering features of the image at different scales. This can be pushed further with Explainable Artificial Intelligence methods that increase our trust in seemingly arbitrary decisions. CANDLE is a platform for deep learning that takes advantage of the resources high performance computing provides.


6 minutes read

Why don't we sit on the chair (for typing on the computer on the desk), in exactly the same fashion everyday? Why don't we wear our same-sized T-shirt in exactly the same fashion every morning? Why dont 2 soccer matches between 2 teams with each having the same players on the 2 occasions, and played on identical grounds yield the same result? 

Translation between programming languages

4 mins read

A very common application of Natural Language Processing is Machine Translation. Machine Translation is a field which investigates the use of software to translate text from one language to another. However, the usual application we have seen is a translating app, Google Translate, or another software. These applications translate from one Natural Language to another. 

Rescuing and Repurposing/Repositioning of Drugs for Cancer

The consortium is actively involved in execution/planning and development of the projects and involving individual scientists and teams that are active in repositioning of old drugs to yield a better cost effective treatment therapy. OHSL provides a common global platform for various related individuals to come together, interact and work on various related issues using modern technology thereby by overcoming geographical limitations. OHSL plans to build a frame work around few areas by collaborative effort that leads to re tasking of these molecules. These are collaborative approaches would bring researchers from different walk of life such as computational, structural, Data mining scientists, preclinical and clinical researchers, to work together on drug repositioning for cancer. In future OHSL hopes to expand its network and provide services which could enable researchers an easy access to not limited to data banks but also, on site aid with respect to laboratory resources, collaborations and grants.