BR Patil

During the last 50 years of research, training and consulting experience at progressively higher levels in leading national and international organizations he carried out 125 research, 85 consulting and 70 training assignments mainly in the areas of health, population and nutrition, information, education and communication, development of children, youth and women, income, employment and resource generation, self-reliance, governance and management, wrote 6 books, 200 reports,300 papers, 40 book reviews and 12 bibliographies on critical aspects of social development and change, participatory methods of planning, research, monitoring and evaluation, and also trained 2500 young social scientists mainly Ph. D. students in research methods,1200 development administrators in program management, 1000 project coordinators in planning and monitoring systems,1000 front-line development workers in community empowerment and social mobilization skills. 

So far he has served a number of International service agencies which includes International Development Research Center (IDRC), Center for Development Research (CDR), and also some of the renown professional agencies like Johns Hopkins University, University of Illinois, University of Lovain, and many other indian and south asian universities. As a President, advisor and consultant he has worked with various organizations such as WHO, UNICEF, UNDP and coordinated different projects. 

His vision is to facilitate the process of environment-friendly, area-specific, community-based, people-centered, gender-sensitive, participatory, self reliant and sustainable development that ensures global peace and harmony.