Forum Patel

Forum Patel

Forum Patel is a 3rd year student at NMIMS University, Mumbai, pursuing a dual degree - MBA and B.Tech in Information Technology. She has previously worked with Citta - a social venture that focuses on combating student suicide and increasing accessibility to therapy for Indian students. Being the Head of Design, she was responsible for the branding and communications of the venture. She took part in Google Ads Online Marketing Challenge ’20 and achieved Top Marketer status. Boosting her experience in digital marketing & graphics design, this also gave her an in-depth understanding of Google’s Ad platform.

Having freelanced at different organizations as graphics designer, web developer and digital marketer, she brings a cross-domain expertise to her work. She believes in design as a problem solving tool, as a way to bridge the space between people and the product they use.

Forum was working with OHSL to bring design as the primary focus across OHSL’s digital platform.