Transforming to a Networked Society: Guide for Policy Makers

Nagy Hanna, Renne Summer

What if technology was not only the key to economic growth, but also to effective governments and better societies?

Digital transformation is no longer simply an aspiration. Multiple countries now bear witness to its many benefits and countless more could likewise be changed for the better if their thought leaders and policy makers committed to the process outlined in Transforming to a Networked Society.

Analyzing the fundamental challenges and strategies that you need to understand in order to successfully pave the way for a networked society, Dr. Nagy K. Hanna's new book clearly outlines how information and communication technologies are the best socioeconomic development tools available.

By generating a wealth of data that anyone can access with the right equipment, modern technology makes it possible for everyday people to shape their physical, economic, social, and intellectual environments to fit their needs—rather than the desires of an elite few. As the world culture changes to one of openness, sharing, and self-organization, governments will be forced to adapt if they want to remain relevant...and those who can master the digital transformation process will become the key players of the twenty-first century.