Engineered Endolysins against Gram-Negative Bacteria

Professor Yves Briers

Recorded on: 09 July 2020 Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is growing at an alarming rate worldwide, which mandates urgent measures to be taken for providing new discovery platforms to expand the portfolio of antibiotics. Bacteriophage-encoded lysin-based antibiotics (enzybiotics) are rapidly emerging as promising alternatives. Lysins destroy bacteria by cutting up their cell wall and the chance of developing resistance is small. International Bacteriophage Research Consortium (IBRC), created by Open Health Systems Laboratory (OHSL), USA and Acharya Narendra Dev College (ANDC), University of Delhi, India is organizing an online lecture by Prof. Yves Briers from Ghent University, Belgium on “From discovery to high-throughput engineering of phage lysins targeting Gram-negative bacteria”. We are very pleased to invite you to this online lecture and live discussion. Yves Briers focuses on the synthetic biology of modular proteins with a keen interest in the engineering of phage-encoded modular endolysins and tail fibers for biocontrol of multidrug-resistant pathogens. Recently, Yves Briers and team have developed a brilliantly conceptualized high-throughput discovery platform ‘VersaTile’ an iterative approach to design, build, and screen engineered lysins. Significantly, their approach is generic in nature and can be potentially translated to any bacterial target and hence offers wider application.

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