Sriya Akula

Sriya Akula

Sriya Akula is working as a summer intern at OHSL. She is a rising senior at Northwest High school (NWHS) in Germantown, MD . She is currently enrolled in the Signature Ulysses program, which has a research oriented curriculum designed to let students pursue topics they are passionate about, and delves into the specifics of different types of research . She is adept in Python and Java programming. Sriya's keen interest is  to learn more about how technology aligns itself with medical research. Sriya is currently a NWHS Ambassador responsible for representing the school in outside events. She is a member of the Student Advisory Council for Montgomery County Public Schools.  Sriya is an officer of the NWHS Physics club and as well as  President of the NWHS book club. Sriya is also a member of the NWHS chapter of the Computer Science Honor society. Sriya has received statewide honorable mention in the National center for women and Information Technology award for aspirations in computing  and also  a recipient of  an honorable mention  in the 2020 DC Metro Scholastic writing awards . Sriya is passionate about reading, community service, arts and other cultural activities. She loves  travelling globally to experience new cultures .

As part of her summer internship Sriya is currently involved in  searching the literature on acceleration of Géant4/Monte Carlo Simulation, assisting the Colossus Team Hub (Science Gateway using HUBzero) at NCI and ICTBioMed Science Gateway and its expansion to cover Colossus in the Cloud.

Her motivation for her work is getting experience in this field, as well as helping people as much as she can from her position as an intern.

She enjoys being in an environment where everyone is passionate about learning more. This is important to shriya,  because she came into this experience thinking she was the only person that was going to experience something new, but in reality, every person on this team has learning new things as a priority.